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5/11/19 - Clay Shoot at Fishhawk Sporting Clays

6/15/19 - Lobster Party
8/24/19 - Annual Business Meeting

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South Creek Foxhounds is Florida's oldest fox hunting club, officially founded in 1965. South Creek Foxhounds is located in west central Florida (Tampa) Established in 1965 by the late Mr. Robert Thomas of Two Rivers Ranch. The hunt was recognized by the MFHA in 1972. Originally known as Two Rivers Hunt, the hunt moved from the Thomas Ranch over 10 years ago, and now has numerous fixtures in six counties.

South Creek Foxhounds enjoys the chase from September through February of red and gray fox, bob cat, and the ever illusive, speedy coyote. We ride through pasture land, palmetto bushes, pine and oak forests, and cypress swamps. Our fences are primarily solid, inviting coops. Our pack consists of cross bred fox hounds which are hunted by Professional Huntsman Robert Douglas.


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SCF holds a hunter pace every month. All riders are welcome. Classes for jumping, non-jumping, western, endurance, and carriage riders. Participate in the many events held, including Opening Day, All Florida Meet, and the Hunt Ball Learn more about becoming a member of South Creek. Many levels of membership. Join Today!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Hunt Season!

It is time again to pursue our traditions and our passions. We cannot share deeply enough our appreciation of our Landowners, our Staff and our tireless volunteers.

As most years, please be mindful of new puppies. Give them plenty of space and do not talk to them. If your horse is new to hunting, please secure a green ribbon to your mount’s tail.

This season we will continue our knowledge of El Maximo and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to become acquainted with the beautiful Iafrate Ranch in Dade City. Please be respectful of our landowners and pay attention to their wishes, especially pertaining to gates. Always leave a fixture nicer than our arrival.

Without sounding repetitive, safety first please. Control your horse, or ask to be excused from the field and return directly to the trailers with a fellow fox hunter. It is not acceptable to “free ride” the property on your way back to the trailers. Keep ample spacing amongst yourselves and around hounds and staff. Masters and staff will have a copy of the emergency contact list, be sure your information is accurate. Please refresh yourselves by reading Riding to Hounds in America.

Our calendar highlights are Florida Field Hunter Trials at Gilley Creek -September 29; Opening Meet at Gilley Creek - November 24; Christmas Party -December 15; All Florida Meet - February 13-17 with the Hunt Ball to be held at Palma Ceia Country Club; Hunter Trials - March 9; and a new event, Sporting Clay Shoot - May 11.

We are delighted again the you have chosen to support South Creek Foxhounds. It is due to your tireless volunteer hours that help us function at a level that is affordable. We dearly appreciate your participation in our fundraising events and by your and your friends’ patronage. We look forward to another splendid season! Be safe and have fun!

Tally Ho!

Best Regards,
J. Patrick Michaels, Jr. Jt. MFH
Vicki L. Reeves, Jt. MFH
Katie Parker, Jt. MFH