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06/04 - Hunter Pace at Boarshead Ranch

07/09 - Hunter Pace at Boarshead Ranch
08/06 - Hunter Pace at Boarshead Ranch


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South Creek Foxhounds is Florida's oldest fox hunting club, officially founded in 1965. South Creek Foxhounds is located in west central Florida (Tampa) Established in 1965 by the late Mr. Robert Thomas of Two Rivers Ranch, the hunt was recognized by the MFHA in 1972. Originally known as Two Rivers Hunt, the hunt moved from the Thomas Ranch over 10 years ago, and now has numerous fixtures in Pasco, Hernando, and Hillsborough Counties.

South Creek Foxhounds enjoys the chase from September through February of red and gray fox, bob cat, and the ever illusive, speedy coyote. We ride through pasture land, palmetto bushes, pine and oak forests, and cypress swamps. Our fences are primarily solid, inviting coops. Our pack consist of cross bred fox hounds which are hunted by Professional Huntsman Robert Douglas.


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Dear Members and Friends of South Creek Foxhounds,
                Welcome to the 2016-2017 hunt season.  We have much for which to be grateful. First, we wish to thank, honor and celebrate our many generous landowners. Without the landowners, our sport suffers. Ways to reciprocate their generosity is to be respectful, helpful, obedient to their wishes, and thank them every chance for their hospitality.

Second, we wish to recognize and celebrate our Huntsman, Robert Douglas, and his staff for their countless hours and energy for keeping the hounds and kennels in top form. For the newcomer, their domain may seem magical and untouchable; however, the Huntsman and the staff welcome questions and conversations (once the hounds are kenneled please) because the better the field understands the drama unfolding, the better the Huntsman and the staff are able to perform.

Next, we wish to acknowledge our essential volunteers - those who help set up and take down the Hunter Paces, those who fix delicious dishes at our fabulous parties, those who come early and stay late to be helpful, those who don't ride but still show up, and those who have organizational skills to chair an event. We have a remarkable pool of members with time and talent. The more you put into an activity, the more you get out of it – get involved!

Last, without seeming self-congratulating, we wish to thank and honor Joint Master Rick Michaels for his leadership and dedication to South Creek Foxhounds. It seems 2016 will commence his 25th year as Master. We also wish a farewell and heartfelt thank you to Joint Master Jack Phethean who led us in first flight for hundreds of hunts, and served us as Joint Master since 1991.

The highlights of 2016 will be: our conclusion of many fun chases at Wyndfields, our hunt inauguration at Blackbeard's Ranch, and furthering our knowledge at Green Swamp West and Citrus. As always, we welcome introductions to new land and new landowners.  Socially, we are planning to hold the Hunt Ball at the Tampa Yacht Club on February 17, 2017 and look forward to exceeding last year's impressive Silent Auction!

We hope this coming season will be safe and fun for everyone. While we do our best to educate and honor proper Hunt Tradition, it is alright to keep a purple plastic dinosaur in your vest pocket to remember not to take yourself too seriously!


Best Regards,
J. Patrick Michaels, Jr. Jt. MFH
Vicki L. Reeves, Jt. MFH
Katie Parker, Jt. MFH