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05/08 Hunter Pace at Boarshead Ranch

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South Creek Foxhounds is Florida's oldest fox hunting club, officially founded in 1965. South Creek Foxhounds is located in west central Florida (Tampa) Established in 1965 by the late Mr. Robert Thomas of Two Rivers Ranch, the hunt was recognized by the MFHA in 1972. Originally known as Two Rivers Hunt, the hunt moved from the Thomas Ranch over 10 years ago, and now has numerous fixtures in Pasco, Hernando, and Hillsborough Counties.

South Creek Foxhounds enjoys the chase from September through February of red and gray fox, bob cat, and the ever illusive, speedy coyote. We ride through pasture land, palmetto bushes, pine and oak forests, and cypress swamps. Our fences are primarily solid, inviting coops. Our pack consist of cross bred fox hounds which are hunted by Professional Huntsman Robert Douglas.

Dear Members and Friends of South Creek Foxhounds,
                We look forward to another wonderful season of good sport and fellowship.  We are blessed to have such wonderful landowners that allow us access to their properties so that we can enjoy our sport.  One of the cornerstones of the club is territory; without sufficient territory the club would cease to exist.  As such your masters are constantly looking for and exploring possible new properties upon which to hunt.  If you know of any opportunities please bring them to the attention of the masters.
                We have added a new territory to our fixture card this season, thanks to Jim & Renee’ Strickland, it is called Blackbeard’s Ranch.  We have scheduled three hunter paces there this season.  The hunter pace course will have to be built.  We will be scheduling several work days there to install jumps and clear trails.  The hunter paces at Blackbeard’s Ranch will introduce our sport to equestrians in Manatee and Sarasota counties and help us learn this new territory so that we can actually hunt it starting in the 2016-2017 season.
                Looking forward, we need to explore other fundraising ideas in addition to our monthly Hunter Paces.   We look forward to and welcome your suggestions.
                We are fortunate to have new members each year, and this coming season is no exception.   We need to all be mindful of making sure they learn the Procedures of the Hunt Field, to fully and safely enjoy the sport of foxhunting.  A friendly encouraging smile goes a long way in calming a nervous rider.  A steady stream of new members is another cornerstone of the club, so everyone please be on the lookout for possible new members.
                Robert Douglas, Sarah Fox Sears, staff and members have walked out the hounds from the kennels all summer to keep them fit and train the young hounds, so that they are ready to show us sport this season.  Please remember not to speak to the hounds and always give way to hounds and staff. 
                Never before has it been so important for foxhunters to look toward the horizon. Please consider including South Creek Equestrian Club in your Will, Trust, or Beneficiary Designation. By including South Creek Foxhounds in your Will, Trust or Beneficiary Designation, you can pass on your love of foxhunting to future generations.
                Remember, have fun, stay safe and watch out for each other!
                Tally ho!


Best Regards,
J. Patrick Michaels, Jr. Jt. MFH
Jack Pheathen, Jt. MFH
Vicki L. Reeves, Jt. MFH