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Q1: When does SCF hunt?
Q2: What times are the hunts?
Q3: What is the dress code?
Q4: How much are the capping fees?


A1: We hunt on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Cubbing season is early September through November. Formal hunting season begins the first Saturday in November, after Thanksgiving.

A2: Wednesday hunts are in the afternoon, while Saturday hunts are bright and early in the morning.

STAFF AND FIELD MASTERS will be wearing RED SHIRTS and have the option to use SQUARE RED SADDLE PADS all season long so they are easily identified. Therefore, RED is reserved for Staff and White is permitted in the field.
Attire for cubbing is rat
a catcher.
A.   Earthtone colored breeches; which for SCF is defined as buff, beige, tan, rust, canary and light grey only
B. Black, Brown hunt cap with safety harness (no white helmets). Dark Blue is reserved for Lady Masters and Former Lady Masters.
C. Adults - tall Black or Brown boots (field or dress); children - paddock shoes  acceptable.
D.     Solid color shirts with collars (NO strips, plaids, sleeveless shirts of any kind etc.) or traditional rat catcher shirts.
E. Cold weather - tweed or black jacket; solid colored sweater. 

 Attire for Formal Season is full traditional dress on Saturday, rat catcher on Wednesday(unless otherwise noted on the fixture card). Formal Season begins with Opening Meet on Thanksgiving weekend.
Gentlemen (with colors) white shirt and white stock tie with a plain gold safety pin, canary or tattersall vest (optional), white breeches, black boots with brown tops, 3-buttoned pinque (red) coat with rounded front corners (square corners for Masters or professional huntsman), tan string gloves, black hunt cap with harness. Pinque coat should have confederate grey collar.
Ladies (with colors) black jacket with confederate grey collar, tan, light grey or canary breeches, white shirt and white stock tie with plain gold safety pin, canary or tattersall vest (optional), black  boots with patent leather tops, tan string gloves, black hard hat with harness.  The hunt buttons for ladies are black buttons with white letters. (Dark Blue jackets are reserved for Lady Masters and Former Lady Masters only.)

Gentleman and Ladies (without colors) black jacket, white shirt and white stock tie with plain gold safety pin, canary or tattersall vest (optional), tan, light grey or canary breeches, black boots without tops, black hard hat with harness, tan string or black gloves.
Juniors (with colors) same as above but includes grey collar with red piping.  Juniors may wear their colors until their 2 5th birthday.  Juniors (without colors) same as gentleman and ladies without colors.  Paddock boots are acceptable for juniors only.

 *  Optional hunt attire includes spurs, hunt whip, sandwich case for ladies, flask for gentleman, wire cutters.  Cell phones may be carried for use in the event of an emergency.

A4: Any non-member wishing to hunt with South Creek Foxhounds must contact one of the Joint Masters to receive permission . Capping fees are $75.00 for adults and $25.00 for juniors. Cappers need to sign a Waiver of Liability and present capping fee to Field Secretary upon arrival at Meet . Waiver is available here