South Creek Foxhounds was established in 1965 as Two Rivers Hunt and recognized in 1972 at the hands of Two Rivers Ranch owner, Bob Thomas. Mr. Thomas served as Master of Foxhounds from 1965-1979. At the end of the 1979 hunt season Mr. Thomas retired from fox hunting and turned over the pack of fox hounds to the hunt club. Mr. A. Bronson Thayer then became the Master of Foxhounds in 1980 and lead the club until 1990. During his tenure as Master, Thayer renamed the club Two Rivers Hounds and changed its structure to a subscription membership.

In 1995 at the end of the lease with Two Rivers Ranch and by agreement with Robert Thomas (Bob Thomas’s son), the name of the club was changed to South Creek Foxhounds. The South Creek Foxhounds name was adopted in 1995 and they now have numerous fixtures in Pasco, Hernando, Hillsborough, Polk, Citrus, and Manatee Counties.