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South Creek Staff

2016-2017 South Creek Foxhounds Staff

Joint Masters

Mr. J. Patrick Micheals, Jr. Jt. MFH 1992
Mrs. Vicki Reeves Jt. MFH 2011
Mrs. Katie Parker Jt. MFH 2016

Professional Huntsman Mr. Robert Douglas 1989
Honorary Huntsman Mrs. Sarah Fox Sears
Whippers In Lesley Fox, Sarah Fox-Sears, Dana Coberly
Megan Quigley, Patti Long
Wheel Whip Adam Sears
Field Secretary Katie Parker
Hon. Recording Secretary Lorraine Sparra
Treasurer Linda Williams

The head of every hunt is the Master of Foxhounds (MFH). He or She has the sole responsibility for the success of the hunt as an organization, the caliber of the hounds, the efficiency of the hunt servants, and the hunt's reputation in the local community, nationally and internationally. Masters of Foxhounds are the record keepers, the elegant work horses, and the peacekeepers. Without them, there would be no sport and certainly no sporting example. The MFH is responsible for the hounds showing the best possible sport under existing conditions and that neither hound, staff, nor field damage or annoy the landowner who make the sport possible.  At South Creek, the MFH position is shared by Rick Michaels, Vicki Reeves and Katie Parker.


The Professional Huntsman's duties are carried out by Robert Douglas. He has the privilege of carrying the horn, as he has the responsibility for controlling the hounds. He indicates where he wishes the hounds to draw a fox or coyote and see that any fox or coyote is well chased by the hounds operating as a cohesive pack. The huntsman is in charge of the actual planning and working of each day's hunt. He is the strategy, the praise for a successful season, and the blames for a poor one.

Whipper's In assist the Hunstman by turning hounds back to the Huntsman or encouraging them forward as necessary. They are used by the Huntsman as the ears and eyes to get timely notice of the movement of a fox or hounds. Each Whipper In must know the voice of most hounds in the pack, be able to discipline by voice or cracking their whip, and have the horsemanship and horse necessary to accompany hounds through the field, forest and thicket. Only the Huntsman gives them orders and everyone else must not interfere with their actions. They carry hunting whips (as does the Huntsman) and in some hunts they can be distinguished by the spare stirrup leather carried diagonally across their chests. Whippers In are appointed by the professional Huntsman.

The Field Master is in control of mounted followers ("Field") He or She usually rides at their head and hold the field in a position which he believes will give them the best opportunity to enjoy the sport without interfering with the staff or hounds. He sees that each rider does not damage any landowner's land or property, and that each member adheres to the rules of good sportsmanship and chasing etiquette.

The Hon. Secretary issues fixture cards, records those attending each hunt, accepts fees, welcomes and assists visitors and performs countless other duties. Each visitor should find the Secretary upon arrival, pay their fees and be counted on the day's sport.

Other riders comprise the Hunt Field, following the Field Master: the Hilltoppers which come at a much less demanding pace, still on horseback; and the Tally Ho Wagons for non mounted spectators. Frequently at South Creek, there is a "jumping and non jumping" field.