Welcome to South Creek Foxhounds!

South Creek Foxhounds is Florida’s oldest fox hunting club, officially founded in 1965. South Creek Foxhounds is located in west central Florida (Tampa) Established in 1965 by the late Mr. Robert Thomas of Two Rivers Ranch. The hunt was recognized by the MFHA in 1972. Originally known as Two Rivers Hunt, the hunt moved from the Thomas Ranch over 10 years ago, and now has numerous fixtures in six counties.

South Creek Foxhounds enjoys the chase from September through February of red and gray fox, bob cat, and the ever illusive, speedy coyote. We ride through pasture land, palmetto bushes, pine and oak forests, and cypress swamps. Our fences are primarily solid, inviting coops. Our pack consists of cross bred fox hounds which are hunted by Huntsmen Sarah Fox Sears.

Welcome to the 2021-2022 SCF Hunt Season!

South Creek Foxhounds persevered through the strangeness of 2020. Within the framework of Covid, riding to hounds was a perfect opportunity to get outside safely, as we social distanced while enjoying our sport. Six feet away from another horse is always advisable, in fact, 10 feet from the back of the horse ahead would be recommended. South Creek came together nicely and safely throughout the season.

Once again Sarah and her staff continued to work through the summer heat walking our hounds twice weekly. Robby advanced his knowledge of hound care even further and our hounds are in peak condition for the upcoming season. Mounted hound walks have been ongoing and will continue most Saturdays until the first day of fall season, September 11th. We encourage everyone to introduce their horses to field activities now.

Help each other stay safe. Please ride in the field that best suits you and your horse. Ask for assistance if needed. Control your horse or ask to be excused and return to the trailers with a fellow foxhunter. Keep your criticism to a minimum while hunting and report problems to the Field Secretary privately after the hunt. NO talking while hounds are hunting and use your “inside” voice at all times. We encourage everyone to review the MFHA’s publication “Introduction to Foxhunting”, or request a copy of “Foxhunting 101” from Master Marylu (the author) or from Master Vicki who will try to have a few copies in her vehicle to distribute to those interested in a copy.

Our Calendar Highlights –
Fall Hunting Season begins Saturday, September 11
Opening Meet Saturday, November 27
All Florida Meet February 23 – 27, 2022
Hunt Ball @ Tampa Yacht and Country Club Friday February 25, 2022

Invite friends, encourage social members, sponsor events, volunteer at Hunter Paces and participate in fund raisers when possible. The financial security of SCF is mainly driven by dues, but all donations of time and money are appreciated. South Creek moves forward this season following tradition, growing membership, protecting hounds, providing good sport and inspiring memories for all of us willing to Kick On!

Tally Ho!
Vicki L. Reeves, Jt. MFH
Marylu Gallagher, Jt. MFH