Membership to South Creek Foxhounds

If you have not been a member of South Creek Foxhounds, or another recognized hunt, we require you to cap 3 times before applying for membership to be sure you and your horse enjoy hunting.

To apply for membership to South Creek Foxhounds, please download the following form:
Membership Application Form

Completed forms, including payment, should be mailed to our treasurer.
If you have any question regarding membership options, please Contact us.

2022-2023 Hunt Season

There are eight categories of members.
(Current subscription fees for this Hunt Season are in parentheses)

  1. Sustaining ($5,000.00)
  2. Family* ($4,000.00)
  3. Individual ($3,600.00)
  4. Riding Social* ($850.00)
  5. Junior* ($250.00) –must be 25 years old or younger on September 1st of the Hunt Season for which the membership dues is being paid to qualify as a Junior Member
  6. Social* ($275.00)
  7. Legacy Social Member* ($200.00)
  8. Pony Club (No Fee)

*Family Membership includes two adult riding spouses plus their children; however any children who ride must be 25 years old or younger.  Once a riding child attains age 26, he or she must pay an Individual Membership.  Spouses with no children are eligible for a Family Membership.

*Riding Social Membership would entitle the member to ride with South Creek Foxhounds eight (8) times during the season at any hunt of their choice without paying a capping fee (other than Opening Meet, AFM Hunts and other special events) as well as all the rights of a Social Member. Riding Social Members are non-voting members. A Riding Social Member shall be required to notify the Field Secretary that he or she is utilizing one of their hunting days upon arrival at the Meet.

*Junior Membership is only available to those individuals who are 25 years or younger on September 1st of the Hunt Season for which the membership dues are being paid.

*Social Membership entitles an individual and their spouse to attend all social events
and attend the teas held after each hunt. A capping fee is required to attend any hunt.

*Legacy Social Membership – to qualify as a Legacy Social Member, you must have been a membr of Two Rivers Hounds or South Creek Foxhounds for a minimum of 5 consecutive years.

Pony Club Member – Must be a member of a recognized Pony Club

Capping fees are $125.00 for adults and $25.00 for juniors